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This anti-cellulite treatment (3 x 200ml pack) is the definitive solution to eliminate cellulite quickly and effectively.

Thanks to this complete treatment with instantaneous, thermoactive, reducing and beautifying action.

It is perfect for toning, firming the skin and improving circulation. It also reduces adipogenesis and increases lipolysis. Includes: thermoactive gel (200ml), exfoliating gel (200ml) and cold gel (200ml).

Redupes is the effective solution to fight against localized or generalized cellulite and to promote a lightened and tightened figure and smooth skin.


Anti-cellulite cream, reducing cream, firming cream. Triple action anti-cellulite treatment. Exfoliating gel, Refreshing gel, Thermo-active gel

Loss of centimeters. Eliminates local or generalized cellulite and fat accumulations. Triple action treatment: feel slim, smooth and firm all year round. Firming anti-cellulite cream for men and women, improves the appearance of the skin on all areas of the body, including thighs, buttocks, arms and stomach.

    Thermo-active action, pleasant sensation of hot and cold, irrefutable proof of its effectiveness. Say goodbye to fatty tissue that is so hard to shed after weight loss, with our anti-cellulite reducing cream

    Reducing action, reducing cream for the belly for men and women, reducing cream for the arms, reducing cream for the legs.

    Instant action. Its OIL FREE gel-cream texture facilitates massage and penetrates quickly, without leaving traces. Enjoy the results of the best firming body cream.

    Beautifying action, which will help your skin regain a velvety appearance and feel. Say goodbye to cellulite and regain youthful skin thanks to the triple action Exfoliating Gel, Refreshing Gel and Thermo-active Gel.

Important information

IMPORTANT: THERMO-ACTIVE CREAM-GEL can produce hyperemia, reddening of the skin, and on some skin types, a slight itching sensation, irrefutable proof of its effectiveness. This effect wanes gradually and should go away after 30 minutes. It is advisable to carry out a preliminary sensitivity test before use.

Usage tips

Flash method: Apply the THERMO-ACTIVE cream-gel then the REFRESHING cream-gel, making each product penetrate separately with a gentle massage until completely absorbed.

Normal method: Apply the THERMO-ACTIVE cream-gel then the REFRESHING cream-gel alternately, every other day, making the product penetrate with a gentle massage, until completely absorbed.


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